Arguments Made by Climate Change Deniers

  • This past winter was very cold, setting several record lows. That disproves global warming.
    Nonsense. The area that had the severe winter was the eastern United States, plus one other small area, both combined being a very small percentage of the world's surface. The fact of the matter is that most of the world had a much warmer than normal winter, resulting in January 2015 being the second-warmest on record.
  • The increase in the Antarctic ice pack disproves global warming.
    This again is in a relatively small percentage of the Earth's surface. Most of the Earth's surface clearly shows warming. One likely explanation for much of the increase in ice mass is, precisely, warming -- when continental ice melts, it is fresh ice flowing into the ocean. Fresh water influx often forms a separate layer over the surface of the ocean, taking some time to mix with the heavier seawater below. Fresh water freezes at a much higher temperature than saltwater, so it is making more ice than the saltwater would.
  • The atmosphere has not become as warm as predicted. That disproves global warming.
    No it doesn't. Even the lesser-than-predicted warming trends clearly show, nonetheless, that the Earth is warming. Even more, what we've learned lately, is that a major reason that the atmosphere has not become warmer is simply that the oceans are absorbing much more heat than was expected. The increased heat is there, it's just not quite where it was predicted to be.
  • Global Climate Change claims are just due to a conspiracy, proven by emails about fixing the numbers.
    A conspiracy for what purpose? To create more renewable energy? To conserve resources? To make us more independent from foreign energy sources? To make the world a cleaner, healthier place? If that's a conspiracy, count me in! But truthfully, there's no "conspiracy" to claim climate change. Those emails about number-fudging were an isolated case among a few researchers, a tiny percentage of all the people working on the issue. Believe me, the denier forces have been looking for more instances of fraud, and have not found them, or they would be loudly proclaiming them from the rooftops. THE TRUTH IS that there IS a conspiracy, but it's a conspiracy to DENY climate change and it's funded by people who want to make more money from depleting our resources and polluting our planet. More here.
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